Sunday, 16 May 2010

Scotland Yorkshire football cup correction

How about a Scotland Yorkshire football cup.
Between the top 4 teams of Scotland and top 4 English league sides of Yorkshire.
8 sides in the trophy in a two groups of 4 trophy. P
Two groups of 4
Top two teams got through.
Semi Final One leg - Top team of each group at home
Final One leg - Neutral Venue
The two have a similar population.
The nation and region have similar cultures and similar sizes football sides.
While Scottish sides often do not get far in Europe, Yorkshire sides often do not even get in to Europe.
So this could be fun trophy with two regions one the same island not far apart with an extra spice.
For instance now from Scotland
Celtic, Rangers, Dundee United, Hibernian
From Yorkshire
Hull, Sheff Utd, Middlesbrough, Doncaster Rovers
Normally Leeds and Sheffield clubs would be in it.
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