Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Celtic and Rangers could join the English premier league

Celtic and Rangers could join the English premier league
Here is my idea
I have deciced that maybe after all it would be a good idea to put Celtic and Rangers into the English premier league,
But only on the condition that ;
1 ) The old firm give 10% of their tv rights to the SPL.
2) That the old firm can still compete in SFA cup, and can still qualify for Europe via the English premier league, the English league cup and the SFA cup.
3) No other sides can join the English League, to ensure the sides can remain srong
4) Celtic and Rangers must play an amatuer or reserve side in the SFL bottom division, to keep their names in the Scottish League.
Plus they will also be banned from the English FA cup.
I used to think that it would be a bad idea to put the Old firm in the English league as it would be an insult to the SPL. And that Celtic and Rangers might never win any trophies and be mid table sides who do nothing. Plus it would cause humilation to see the best Scottish sides stuck in the English league while not qualifying for Europe while other smaller Scottish sides would be getting walloped 4-0 by sides from all over the place. But the reality is now this happens to the old firm anyway too. So I realise we would better off if the old firm would havethe finances of EPL sides so even if they did qualify for Europe less they would do better normally due to having more money.
Also with having entry to the SFA cup, and Europe they would have more entries to Europe that English clubs of their size.
Also to do this the EPL would have to pay 20 million to the Scottish Premier league as compensation for taking their best sides
Expand the EPL to 22 teams. 42 games a season.