Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jokes about fruit

Jokes about fruit
What fruit is always banning people the most?
A Bandanana.
What fruit was given the laziest name ?
An orange.
What fruit is the most confusing?
An orange that is not orange.
What fruit is the most dangerous ?
A very heavy coconut that above you.
What fruit is always applying for jobs
What fruit is banned from places the most
A BANana.
What fruit is always gloating about how it beat you at a game
A ban na na na na na .

What fruit likes to go sun bathing?
A TANgerine.
What fruit gives the impression it should be eaten twice
A Pear.
What fruit think it is the greatest fruit?
A Greatfruit.
What fruit is the most keen to be kept up to date
The currant, such as Blackcurrant and Redcurrants.
What fruit is the luckiest?
What fruit is the coldest ?
Chili pepper.

What fruit is the one that is from the UK
What fruit supports the New Zealand rugby side?
What fruit