Friday, 30 April 2010

My new league structure idea

Idea for restructuring.
16 Teams in Premier - 30 games a season
16 Teams in First division - 30 games a season
10 teams in Second division - 36 games a season

My new idea consists of
a) 16 team premier, b) 2 new European trophies with other countries, c) plus a North Britain cup for teams who do not reach these two new trophies d) Making the league cup a two legged tournament in round 1 and round 2. So that more games can be played by teams who do not qualify for Europe.
Now my two new European trophies do not take away from Scotland and the other 3 countries taking part in the European cup and European cup these are extra trophies to play in.

1. Make a 16 team league - Playing 30 times a year.
Second division 16 teams 30 games a year.
Third division 10 teams. 36 times a year.

2. Western European Cup
So the big clubs can get more games against big sides have another European trophy with sides from Scotland, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal, for the top 4 sides in the league from each country.
4 groups of four.
Top two teams qualify for single leg, quarter final. Top teams in each group get home advantage.
Semi final one leg match, decided by home team decided by random.
Final at a neutral venue, in one of the four countries.
This would enable the old firm and other Scottish sides to play sides like Porto, Sporting Lisbon, Ajax, PSV Etc:.
Group stage 6 matches
Quarter final one match
Semi final One match
Final One match
total 9 matches.
There would be one Dutch team, on Scottish side, one Belgian side and Portugal side in each group.

3. Western European Cup Second Division - A second trophy with these same nations for the next four best nations from each country. In a straight two legged knockout trophy.
This would be the next level of sides from these countries such as Standard Liege,
Mechelen, FC Utrecht etc. This would be enough to get good crowds and a high standard of opposition.
With 16 teams this would be
Group stage of a 4 teams all from own country.
Top teams of each group qualify
Semi final Final 2 legs
Final two legs
Total 10 games at most.

For the sides who do not qualify for these trophies.

4. A North Britain cup played between the teams in the first division, and the teams in the premier who are not in either of the western European shield trophies.
That is 24 sides.
In the first round, the teams play in 8 groups of 3, in a round robin trophy of groups of 3 one game at home, one game away.
The top sides in the 8 groups go through. to the quarter final.
The quarter final is two leg.
This is followed by a semi-final and final of two legs each.
The final is a two leg final.
This equals
Group stage two matches
Quarter final Two matches
Semi final Two matches
Final Two matches
Total 8 matches.

Advantages of this idea.
A. More teams get to play old firm
B Old firm get to play more big sides rather than eachother each year but other Scottish sides also get this opportunity.
C. More Scottish sides get experience of European football. Plus against good high quality Western European sides, that are easy to get to.
D The North Britain cup provides another opportunity for sides not in this trophy to play some extra games.

If the Dutch, Belgians, and Portuguese do not want to take part invite some other European countries. I do not accept UEFA would have an issue with these trophies as there would only be 9 games in the European trophies and it would not be as major threat to the UEFA major trophies with only small nations taking part. Just as they did not stop the royal league or Anglo Scottish cups.

This idea could enable a team to challenge the old firm. Imagine Hearts or Hibs being drawn in one of these groups they could make a few million and challenge the old firm.
The Portuguese play in an 30 game season, and it does them no harm.

The UEFA authorities do not stop the royal league or the CIS cup (a trophy in the former soviet union).
Plan B
After creating this league set up, we might find the other leagues do not want to take part in the multi national trophy ideas. There are back up plans.
We could include a European competition with one or two nations, as long as the top 4 and next top 4 can compete in these trophies. A trophy with the Dutch on their own would be good enough. If the idea did not take off we could just make the league cup a group stage trophy from the Third round stage. So top teams can play other sides in group matches. Such as 4 groups of 4 with the top 8 teams going through to the quartet finals. This would only be a back up plan in case no other European league was prepared to have a European trophy with the Scottish league.