Monday, 19 April 2010

UEFA do not stand in the way of Multi national trophies

Whenever I put forward a new idea about a multi national trophy for Scottish sides. I am always told by people UEFA would not allow it. Well I do not accept that point.
UEFA only want to prevent major nations forming a European league they are not concerned with small or medium sized tournaments between small or medium sized nations.

Evidence for this;
UEFA did not stop the Royal league, the Commonwealth of Independent States Cup, the Baltic League, the Sentana cup.
They did not care about these trophies as it was not a real threat to the European cup or the Europa cup.

The Baltic League is a Baltic football club tournament, launched in 2007 inspired by the Scandinavian tournament Royal League and by the Baltic Basketball League. Top four club sides from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania take part in the competition. Winners and Runners-up from each group advance to the quarterfinals of the competition. Starting from 2009–10, the competition will be expanded to 16 teams, with five sides from every Baltic state taking part. One additional slot will be allocated to the sixth best team from the country of the previous winner.
The Setanta Sports Cup, commonly known as just the Setanta Cup, is a club football competition featuring teams from both football associations on the island of Ireland. It was inaugurated in 2005 as a cross-border competition between clubs from the League of Ireland from the Republic of Ireland and the Irish League from Northern Ireland.

The Channel One Cup is an annual pre season commerce football tournament, organized by Russian TV Channel One and Roman Abramovich's foundation, the National Football Academy. The participants are champions and runners up of Russia, Ukraine and Israel. The total prize fund is about 2 million dollars, with the winner getting 1 million. The cup rules specify that at least half of prize money must be channeled into developing young players.

The Royal League was an annual Scandinavian football tournament held three times between teams from the three Scandinavian monarchies (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway), starting after the end of the regular domestic seasons of Norway and Sweden. Denmark, however, are in mid-season when the tournament starts. The four best-placed teams in the football leagues of Denmark, Norway and Sweden participate in the tournament. There has been discussion of expanding the league, and include, the winners of Veikkausliiga and Landsbankadeild, which is the Finnish and the Icelandic premier division. The 2007-2008 edition was cancelled for financial reasons, but the board planned to resurrect the tournament for the 2008-2009 season. On 11 October 2008 it was announced that the 2008-09 season would not be held either, as the TV rights for the tournament had not been sold. There is however plans for a tournament in 2010, but under a new name; Royal Cup. These plans do also involve getting three more clubs participate in the tournament, making the total number of participating clubs fifteen.

Livonia Cup is a football trophy contested in an annual match in Riga, between the champions of the Estonian and Latvian domestic association football leagues. The current holders of the Livonia Cup are FK Ventspils, who beat FC Levadia.