Sunday, 18 April 2010

The West European Cup

The West European Cup
Here is another idea
Invite the top four sides from Holland, Scotland, Belgium and Portugal to play in a new cup tournament.
Group stage
The first round is a group stage tournament. 4 groups of 4.
The top two qualify for the single match knockout stages.
Quarter Final Top sides in each group get home advantage.
Semi Final - One leg home team decided by luck of draw
Final - Neutral venue in one of the four nations.

Another option could be
Other nations to be invited could be Austria, Holland, Scotland, Belgium and Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway.

Each country providing 4 teams too create 40 teams.
These could play in ten groups of four.
With the top sides of each group and the best 6 runners up playing in a 16 team knockout tournament of four rounds. This leads to a maximum of 10 matches for the teams that reach the final.