Monday, 19 April 2010

Western European cups A division and B division

2. Western European Cup
So the big clubs can get more games against big sides have another European trophy with sides from Scotland, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal, for the top 4 sides in the league from each country.
4 groups of four.
Top two teams qualify for single leg, quarter final. Top teams in each group get home advantage.
Semi final one leg match, decided by home team decided by random.
Final at a neutral venue, in one of the four countries.
This would enable the old firm and other Scottish sides to play sides like Porto, Sporting Lisbon, Ajax, PSV Etc:.
Group stage 6 matches
Quarter final one match
Semi final One match
Final One match
total 9 matches.

3. Western European Cup Second Division - A second trophy with these same nations for the next four best nations from each country. In a straight two legged knockout trophy.
This would be the next level of sides from these countries such as Standard Liege,
Mechelen, FC Utrecht etc. This would be enough to get good crowds and a high standard of opposition.
With 16 teams this would be
1st round 2 legs
Quarter Final 2 legs
Semi Final 2 legs
Final 2 legs
Total 8 games.
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